Welcome to Readiance

Readiance helps you create and publish "Read Aloud" books (a.k.a. "Read Along" books) that provide an experience similar to Audible's 'Immersion Reading' feature.

Unlike Audible's 'Immersion Reading', it is platform independent and uses public domain audiobooks, for which the primary source is LibriVox.

Submitting LibriVox chapters to Readiance is simple and does not require registration. 

In order to submit a new LibriVox chapter, follow these steps:

  1. Search/browse the LibriVox catalog to locate the LibriVox page for the book/collection that has the chapter. Go to the page and copy URL of it from the address bar.
  2. Go to the Readiance homepage and click the "Sync" link in the navigation menu.
  3. Paste the LibriVox URL that you copied in step 1 and click submit.
  4. Click the "Add" button next to chapter you want to publish, enter the chapter text (without the chapter title) and click submit. (If you run into issues with other browsers, you can try Google Chrome for Desktop.)

This will initiate the synchronization which normally takes less than a minute unless there are other tasks in the queue. If you refresh the book page after the synchronizations are over, the chapter list will show links to play the timedtexts and download the syncmap files.
Watch demo: youtube.com/watch?v=MutYc9-XNzY

Oku Player, which we use for playback, aims to support most modern browsers, desktop and mobile. However, as it's still in development stage, not all browsers were rigorously tested. At this time, we recommend Google Chrome for desktop and Android, and Safari for iPhone/iPad.

If you want to help us keep our servers running you can make a small donation via PayPal. Please also consider supporting aeneas which we use for audio-text alignment.

Contact: ozdefir(at)gmaildotcom (Firat Ozdemir)

10/25/2016 New Feature (Experimental): Now you can upload non-LibriVox public domain content to align and publish. Click here to try.

11/06/2016 Readiance was featured in Daisy Consortium's 'TechWatch'

12/07/2016 Fixed a bug that blocked some chapter submissions last week.

01/10/2017 One of the advantages of aeneas (the synchronization tool we use in Readiance) is that it does a decent job even with some of the rarest languages. I wanted to see how it will handle the recently published Ancient Greek recordings by Helene Kemiktsi and it seems to have worked well. Read-aloud books are great for learning languages, and thanks to aeneas, learners of rare languages aren't left out.

02/16/2017 There was an issue with the users table for which user accounts needed to be reactivated. If you received an activation notice, you can just ignore it.

06/24/2017 The resources for about 500 read-aloud books that were aligned so far are now also available on archive.org: https://archive.org/details/@timedtexts

03/22/2017 Migrating to a new server; it may take a while before all functionality is restored.

07/15/2017 There was a session on Readiance in the 33rd CSUN Assistive Technology Conference.